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import {convertLCAbyg} from "lcax";
import fs from 'fs'

const lcabygData = fs.readFileSync(`${__dirname}/../data/lcabyg_project.json`)
const project = convertLCAbyg(lcabygData)

// Output the LCAx formatted project to the console
console.log('LCAx', project)
from pathlib import Path
import json
import lcax.pydantic

lcabyg_file = Path(__file__).parent.parent / "data" / "lcabyg_project.json"

print("LCAx project as dict")
epd_dict = lcax.convert_lcabyg(lcabyg_file.read_text())
print(json.dumps(epd_dict, indent=2))

print("\nLCAx project as Pydantic model")
epd_pydantic = lcax.convert_lcabyg(lcabyg_file.read_text(), as_type=lcax.LCAxProject)

print("\nLCAx project as string")
epd_str = lcax.convert_lcabyg(lcabyg_file.read_text(), as_type=str)